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Company Overview

Ash Biotech is a start-up biotechnology company located in Cambridge, UK. The company operates a lean business model that allows for extensive gearing of its resources through collaborations with scientists working at partner biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and collaborating universities.

About The Founders

The Ash Biotech team has decades of experience in small biotech, big biotech and big pharma; from the lab bench to the board room. Our management team, previously the management team for Technology Division of Cambridge Antibody Technology, is one of the most successful in European biotechnology. The team has played key roles in growing biotech/pharma companies in Europe and the US to a combined value of over two and a half billion dollars.


The company was initially financed by the founders, and subsequently, as the company established itself, through research collaborations with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. These revenue streams, along with the deal structures the company has negotiated, have enabled Ash Biotech to: build up world-class IP and know-how in key emerging aspects of drug discovery and development; and fund the development of an innovative new technology platforms, and the design and manufacture of cutting-edge biotech equipment and devices .