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Simon M. Brocklehurst, BSc MSc PhD
General Partner

Simon has international reputations in the fields of biotechnology and software/IT. Prior to founding Ash Biotech, Simon was most recently at Cambridge Antibody Technology. He has played key roles in growing companies from millions to billions of dollars in value; and in selling, negotiating and executing deals valued up to hundreds of millions of dollars in the US and Europe. His experience spans public and privately held companies. Prior to his business career, Simon held a personal fellowship at the University of Oxford. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge.

In biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, Simon has experience of all stages of drug development from research to the clinic. He has done pioneering work in antibody drug discovery and phenotype-based small molecule drug discovery. From an IT perspective, he has been responsible for IT strategy in both public and venture-capital backed companies valued from millions, through hundreds of millions, to billions of dollars. He has experience of multiple sectors spanning Enterprise and Consumer spaces. Software written either himself, or by his teams, has been licensed by organisatons throughout the US, Europe and East Asia - including Enterprise-class systems deployed in biotech and pharma companies in the US, Europe and Japan; and application software licensed by all the world's leading research institutions e.g. Harvard, MIT, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and NASA.

In addition to his role at Ash Biotech, Simon is CEO of Psynixis.