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Introducing Ash Biotech

Ash Biotech is a biotech company with a scientific focus on medium and high-throughput in vivo pharmacology and toxicology using complex microscopic model organisms. Our technology platform is based around cutting-edge biology, hardware and software. Our product offerings solve key problems in using complex biological systems to establish the efficacy, toxicity and safety of new drugs; as well as understanding the basic biology of complex disease.

Founded by pioneers in European biotechnology, and based in Cambridge, UK, the company combines world-class drug discovery and biology expertise with a capability in the design and manufacture of high-tech electronics hardware and software products. The hardware systems the company makes, along with companion data analysis and informatics software, are derived from its internal research and development activities in a number of technology areas including imaging, fluidics, robotics and computer vision.

Because we are not public about much of the work we do, our web-site is deliberately light on information. If you would like us to let you know when we release more details about our offering, please send an email to and we'll keep you informed.